Monday, April 4, 2011

One More Happy-Tired Post-lette

Heading south tomorrow after a bachelorette weekend with a wonderful group of young women in an ideal setting, great food/beverages, fun-and-games, and thoroughbred racing. Of the equine variety.

My primary function, in addition to being mother of the bride-to-be, was as executive chef and designated driver.

Once again, I'm really tired.

But, it's a happy tired.


  1. as ... designated driver.

    Sigh. What ever happened to "respect and honor your elders?" Especially the "honor" parts... ;-)

    Still: good on ya!

  2. My parenting finish line was a couple of years ago. I'm still tired.

  3. Paul...Nyuk!

    Buck stole my line. Late to the party, and your thunder gets stolen...