Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bouncing Baby Obama

So the Young President released a copy of the long form (or whatever it's called that he couldn't get his hands on for 2 1/2 years) certificate attesting to his birth in Hawaii in 1961 to Stanley Dunham Obama, Caucasion, and Barack Hussein Obama, African.  The birther/birthers-are-idiots melee has escalated to dramatic heights today while the Young President scoffs at the "silliness" of the whole issue.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published an online "breaking news" piece on today's momentous event, and the comments are all over the place.  Referring to another comment challenging the massive gaps in what we know about BHO, one comment reads:

What rest of the records? Harvard says he went to law school there. Articles in the New York Times contemporaneous with him being in law school indicate that he was the first black editor in chief of the Law Review. Just what trash is the dirty tricks department of the RNC cooking up now? There seems to be no real dirt on this guy. Oh yeah, I forgot. His minister used to say controversial things! (I've been in many a church when controversial things have been said.) If you must, criticize that Obama has had two years to turn a cratering economy into a problem free one, just quit making up dirt on the guy.

We had information overload about Bill Clinton, even down to the facts that he donated his used underwear to charity and wrote it off on his income taxes, and was a chubby kid in the Hot Springs High band.

So, the commenter's accusation that someone is "making up dirt " on the Young President brings my nagging question about the guy to the surface: where are Obama's childhood friends?  Where are his college chums?  Did he and Michelle have any attendants in their wedding?  No one really seems to know anything about him. 

If nothing else, that's just sad.  Was he one of those unpleasant, or know-it-all, kids (my money's on the latter) whose mother (excuse me, his grandmother) had to tie a pork chop around his neck to get even the dog to play with him? 

I just don't know what to think about him, as a person, or how to find out enough information to make a decision. 

I do know, however, that "African" is not a "race;" it's a descriptive that identifies the continent from which someone hails, as in, "Ernie Els is an African."  I guess the folks in the Hawaiian Health Department in the early 60s foresaw the furor to come in trying to decide what to call someone with skin darker than a Polynesian, and just punted.

Then again, maybe IMAO has it all figured out.  This Birth Certificate was published over there:

And Panetta's going to the Pentagon?!?!

My head hurts.


  1. The only reason he did this TODAY is because the Federal Reserve held its first ever presser this afternoon to introduce QE3. It was a diversion. We are DEAD. Another 600 billion dollars is going to be given to the four big banks of Wall Street.

    Arm yourselves.

  2. It was a diversion. We are DEAD. Another 600 billion dollars is going to be given to the four big banks of Wall Street.

    Arm yourselves.

    The old and switcheroo tactic. And take all of your money and put it under your mattress.

  3. Yeah -- the timing was so very obvious. This whole scenario is seriously getting to be alarming.