Monday, April 25, 2011

Home Depot Turns Its Back on Our Military, Without Warning

A friend, both literal and virtual via Facebook, who is married to a retired Army veteran and is a recently-retired Army vet herself, announced her own personal vendetta against Home Depot over the weekend on Facebook.  You don't really want to mess with Cissy.

It seems that, without warning, Home Depot will offer its military discount to all military and vets only on the four big patriotic holidays instead of year-round.  It has adopted this policy even though its website still heralds its "year-long military discount."  You should go to the link and read the comments -- Home Depot will lose a ton of business over this change in policy, and probably should.  It's one wonderful thing to honor those who serve, and their families, with a small discount; but it's just downright tacky to announce to the world that you offer such an honor when, in fact, you don't, and then to embarass military shoppers at the checkout counter.

Lowe's, on the other hand, still proudly offers a year-round discount.  I verified this yesterday when Pepper and I purposefully went to Lowe's instead of Home Depot to do a good-sized bit of garden-ish shopping.  Nice people, nice perquisite for this family's 35 years of service.

When we start building our retirement place in Arkansas, you can bet that we'll hightail it away from Home Depot as fast as we can, directly to Lowe's.  And, I imagine we won't be alone.

Are you listening, "Big Orange Box!"  And thanks, "Big Blue!"


  1. That's not HD's only offense. Here in Oregon there's a small company that makes specialty sights and scope rings for rifles. Military and police are among his best customers. Business was good and the guy wanted to add to his facility. Applied for a HD credit line and was approved. Went in a few days later to start making some purchases, was declined at the check-out counter. HD said they contract with Citibank for financing like this, and Citibank changed their mind when they found out what kind of business the guy was in. Guy protested. HD said the decision was final and to go take a hike...

    We have a big Lowe's distribution warehouse not far from here, but the nearest retail store is about an hour away. Sucks.

  2. Dang. Citibank isn't on the top of my "favorites" list either.

    What's so very bad about this is many young military families have come to rely on the discount when they're buying big ticket stuff not available through the Exchange because their pay ain't exactly Wall Street level. I'm a big fan of capitalism and profit-making, but this is something else -- something almost nefarious. Like that Citibank eal.

  3. Lowe's has been my first choice for years - they just got moved to "only choice" (unless it's a local).

  4. Lowes will not take something back and give you your money back. They will give you credit in the store. A contractor friend of mine spent like big bucks on something for a customer, but when it would not work, they could not get their money back and Lowes did not have what the customer wanted. They were out about $1000.

  5. I don't "do" Lowe's or HD any longer... there's just no need. But I'll take this under advisement should a need materialize (Aiiieee!) in future.