Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mystery of Life -- Highway Construction Edition

This trip's on-the-road-with-construction observation about the "One Lane/Slow Down" Flag guys (obviously I've spent quite a lot of time in "Park" lately, observing highway construction Flag guys) --

The Flag guys work in pairs, but only one of them gets "control" of the ice chest, whether it be for distribution purposes or sitting purposes.  It usually seems to be the older of the two.

Do you suppose this is a "mentor/apprentice" thing, or is it a Union Seniority thing?

Mercy, I hope it's the former.


  1. Nyuk! Actually I knew a guy that was a flagger for the LDOT. He lived in Natchitoches.

    He had been hit about 4 times (4 or 14, I can't remember for sure) by drivers headed back to Arkansas from New Orleans (not really...I don't know where they were headed).

    The poor guy walked with a limp, was about half simple-minded, and still got out there in blazing heat, or bitter cold to do his job.

    I gained a lot of respect for road crew guys (and gals) by knowing him.

  2. Never bet against union work rules and seniority. Just sayin'.

  3. I've obviously been pretty bored on my travels lately!

    Oh, I know how hard road crews work, Andy. And I'm glad they do what they do. But, sometimes . . . .

    That's my thought, too, Buck!