Friday, April 22, 2011

The Helpful Department of Transportation, Part II, . . .

. . . along with their compadres at the TSA. 

We'll have new international regs about baggage and stuff come August.

Dang!  I'm glad I'm not flying anytime soon.  It's just no fun anymore.


  1. I made a vow two years ago to never fly again and it's holding up... so far. It would have been quicker and (arguably) cheaper to fly out to South Carolina and on to Pittsburgh last summer but I'm just NEVER in the mood to deal with TSA idjits, especially after they confiscated my USS Monterey Zippo a couple o' years ago. Coz ya just KNOW I coulda hijacked a plane with my oh-so-dangerous cigarette lighter...

    The bastards.

  2. Moogie, the last time I flew, it was a one-way from Monterey, CA to George Bush Intercontinental, to SHV.

    It was kinda funny to me, because EVERY TIME I HAVE FLOWN SINCE 9/11, I get pulled to the side for frisking, wanding, and a good ole roundabout feel-up. I'm not kidding...I obviously have that swarthy middle east look that raises suspicions amongst the TSA. (Pam and I just hee-haw about how I ALWAYS get dragged out of the line for inspection.) I've just chalked it up to being so dang sexy that BIG OLD NEGRO WOMEN, OR LITTLE BITTY FILIPINOS JUST WANT TO GROPE MY JUNK!

    But, not so on that last flight I took.

    Nope, the extremely "helpful" blonde chick in Monterey even gave me a "baggie" to put my toothpaste, shampoo, and Excedrin in, so as it would pass Homeland Security regs. She made my early morning! Actually, I was thinking that some kind of bad Karma was working against me...finally, this could be worth flying for, but NO!!!! the gorgeous blonde hands me a baggie, and waves me through. Sigh...

    Fortunately, I had dumped what was left of my Evan Williams plastic bottle thingie in the bathroom in advance...knowing that might be a problem. (But that's another story).

    Flying sucks! It used to be could smoke, drink, get there MUCH faster than driving, and be met by your loved ones when you walked down the steps of the aeroplane. Now, it sucks! Heck, anywhere I want to get to, I can get to faster by automobile...with much less hassle. And, I can smoke and drink en route, too.

    After 9/11, the airlines quit fighting against gubmit intrusion in their business. And, we all know why. What was it????Maybe about 15 quatrillion bucks worth of funny money that Daschle shoved their way to save their sorry asses...and to keep their mouths shut? It was something like that.

    It will eventually be the end of air travel on a broad scale. I'm with Buck. I ain't flying no more. They can take their pansified selves, and let the TSA give them an enhanced patdown...

    Seems that they've learned to enjoy it.