Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at Moogie's Mansion

This is what a spontaneous Easter Egg hunt looks like when Pepper gets bored.
The egg was hard-boiled, but not dyed.

Once he got accustomed to the way the egg felt in his mouth, Bouie began to like the game --
"My egg," he said, kinda all muffledy-like because he had an egg in his mouth.  Until he dropped it on the bricks.  Then they went to the kitchen, peeled the egg, and shared it.  Yep, they ate the egg.  Both of them.

Easter is such a joyous occasion, filled with promise and hope.  And the certainty of God's love.

Happy Easter, from Bouie Cottontail.
(You have no idea how long it took to get this picture!)


  1. I actually DO know how long that photo took, my wife used to make me get Christmas cards made of TWO Dachshunds with Santa. Give that a whirl.

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours, Moogie!

  3. Adorable!!!! Happy Easter to all.
    BTW...both of my dogs LOVE hard boiled eggs.

  4. We had a border collie who was a bit of a thief - collecting junk from all over the neighborhood and bringing it home to put in her "special place." One year I put out Easter eggs for the kids to hunt, but when we went outside, all the eggs had been gathered and were in Sadie's special place. The kids thought it was very funny that the dog had already gathered the eggs.

  5. (You have no idea how long it took to get this picture!)

    Dogs HATE this sorta thang. Bouie is plotting his revenge, as we speak, and I'd keep a weather-eye on your favorite plant(s) if I were you, Moogie.

    Just sayin'!

    I won't say belated Happy Easter, coz I have all the evidence I need to know it was good!

  6. All my dogs have loved eggs, Cuz, I just thought it odd that Pepper would share an egg that Bouie had "pre-enjoyed." Nah -- why would I fiond that odd!

    A hoarder Border collie! How funny, Lou!

    Too late, Buck. He started his annual "watering campaign" a few weeks ago when we started planting. This was kinda "pre-retribution." And fodder for this year's calendar!