Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonders Are Ceaseless Indeed

FINALLY got our income tax refund check from Louisiana for 2009. Not only did they not reduce the refund after "reviewing" our return since last October, but they also kicked in a little interest (very little ) for our "patience."

You'd better keep an eye to the sky -- there may be flying pigs aloft.


  1. From 2009???? Holy Hanna, and thought Revenue Canada was slow. Watch out for that pig!

  2. That's cool. My returns are so simple there isn't really anything to question so I've never been through that hassle. But I have my pig-proof helmet on just in case!

  3. I'm hopin' the flyin' pigs are only in Loosy-anna coz I REALLY have to go out today.

    Looks like your state tax authority is a subsidiary of the water board, eh?

  4. They're all products of the same "public servant school." Even noting that we always get extensions until October, not getting the refund until late March is a little over the top. Even the Feds refunded us in December!

    *sigh* We're from the Government and we're here to help you.