Saturday, March 12, 2011

Checking In

I'm still alive, working on wedding stuff and getting ready for tonight's engagement party for Younger Daughter and SIL2B#2. The Son is going to surprise them by coming in for the party from Ft. Sill! He had to study extra hard this week so he could be sure to get the weekend off.

Elder Daughter and SIL#1 are at Moogie's Mansion for the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Parade while Pepper, Bouie, and I are staying at their house to take care of their dogs. It's a wild and crazy Trading Spaces, Family Edition kind of weekend!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the quake and tsunami. Such a tragedy on so many levels, especially our president's response.

Just a thought -- isn't this how we got Godzilla?

Sorry. Someone had to say it.


  1. Just a thought -- isn't this how we got Godzilla?

    Oh shit, Oh Dear. You WOULD have to bring that up, now, wouldn't you? Tsunamis are gonna be the least of my worries now.

    But seriously... what a tragedy. The extent of the damage is just mind-numbing and the live coverage of the tsunami was something of a technological marvel. I was up all night watching CNN...

    Have fun with the engagement party!

  2. The long-term consequences will be beyond massive. We've caught updates whenever we can.

  3. Wondered where you were. I was thinking maybe you were still in jail after getting busted with the rest of the Eris Krewe. ;-)

  4. Heh.Nah --I pretty much stay out of the way of "aggressive" police during Carnival! Of course, there was that one time . . . .

  5. I was over at Ft. Sill last week visiting a blogger buddy (Mom is a Verb and Lost Fart of Blogging) who was visiting her DIL. Their son is in Afghanastan.

  6. Good on you for visiting and keeping up the spirits! The Son is having quite an indoctrination to the wind factor in Oklahoma!

  7. The Son graduates on April 12. We trying to think of a way to get there, but with all the wedding travel between now and June, I think Pepper will fly up and I'll have to miss it. Rats.