Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's See, Shall We? *SUPERSEDED*

Superseded by the March 20th post. 

Let's try posting one at a time and see if that's more to Mr. Blogger's liking.   From the March 20 post:

This is a panoramic taste of the scene one block from Moogie's Mansion on Bacchus Sunday (the Sunday before Mardi Gras), which, due to horrible storms on Saturday also became Endymion Sunday when the Super-Krewe's parade was postponed from Saturday and moved from its Mid-City route to the traditional Uptown route following Bacchus. What a nightmare! Check out all the extra port-a-potties that were hastily trucked over to Uptown from Mid-City. They walled off goodly chunks of parade-viewing. It was impossible to get close to the floats because huge numbers of Mid-City folk came over Saturday night after the storm and camped out on the neutral ground, pitching tents, erecting awnings, and setting up housekeeping with furniture and cooking grills. The unhappy-looking child being held nearby was one of the several for whom I had to run home to get first aid supplies -- he fell and sliced open his hand. Why don't the young parents of toddlers come prepared? Mine were always falling down and bleeding and stuff, so I was a walking infirmary for years!

UPDATE: Okay -- so the video showed up twice -- at least it showed up!  I'll do the others separately, too.  Hold your breath and cross your fingers!

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