Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wanted at the White House: Southern Mothers

The accounts of the Obama-Netanyahu Close Encounter are downright embarrassing.

I can just hear my mother's voice, scolding the Young President for his wretchedly poor display of how NOT to host a world leader at the White House. Leaving a guest unattended while the host goes to have a meal with the family?!?! I think not. I would've been grounded for weeks had I treated a guest in that fashion.

Maybe that's the solution to the Obama bad-manners department -- we need a corps of strong Southern Mothers to move into the White House to "shake a knot" onto the Young President's head and to teach him some rudimentary etiquette. I envision many hours of chores assigned as punishment along with the admonition, "Now, you just go and think about what you did!"

And I can just hear the motherly counter-arguments: "I don't care if you thought that making him stew for awhile would 'soften him up' for negotiations. You will not treat a guest that way under this roof!"

I hope Mr. Netanyahu was at least offered some cheese straws and iced tea.

Nah -- I don't think Michelle has that recipe.


  1. HA! Moogie, I can hear my own beloved Momma speaking the same words...

    I guess that's ObozO's problem. He had a Momma that didn't give a damn, and a socialist Grandma to raise him.

    Seriously, I have often used the words "that guy thinks his own dookie smells good" when speaking of arrogant folks.

    But when it comes to Barry, I think that maybe he really does.

  2. This is the BEST administration improvement ideer I've heard, bar none. Hell, I'll even extend it to "best POLITICAL" ideer!

    Mom was a Southern Belle, as you know. And I lived in fear of my grandmother when I spent summers in Atlanta as a child. One of the WORST phrases of my childhood fell from her lips whenever I made a major transgression: "Bucky, go cut me a switch." Owie x 4!

  3. speaking of cheese y'all have a good recipe for them?