Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honduras is Back on the "A" List

Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (presumably at the sneaky behest of the Young President) is taking steps to recognize the Honduran government as legitimate, and to restore its monetary aid from the United States.

A few months back, the Administration adopted a position (as Moogie noted) that strongly denounced as a "coup" the actions of the Honduran Supreme Court, its Attorney General, and its military in peacefully deposing then-President Zelaya -- a position that just coincidentally rolled in lock-step with that of former BFFs Chavez, Ortega, and those Krazy Castro Boyz. Of course, that was back when the Latin Connection was still wooing the Young President and blowing in his ear.

The romance must be cooling off quickly. I guess that leaves poor ol' Hillary to put on the Emily Litella face for the rest of the world: "Oops. Never mind."


  1. OOoogo Chavez hasn't been as nice to Young pResident as he'd hoped, so there's no longer any good reason to support ooogo's buddy in Honduras. Childish tit-for-tat is what it looks like to me.

  2. Moogie, I really don't know what evil lurks in the mind of Billary! Nor, do I understand Central America very well.

    But, I have my suspicions that Ms. Rodham is laying in wait for BozObama to FINALLY alienate the dimocraps that haven't already thrown in the towel on HIM.

    I see there that innominatus has commented. You're hitting the "big time" now.

    The "sulfur sniffing," butt-crack Chavez has found a stinkier one than his, for sure, as inno notes. It's kinda' like when dogs sniff each other out...the one that hasn't licked his enough becomes the BDWIC.

    This whole mess stinks to high heaven. I look for Hillary to resign. Soon. And, she will run against ObozO (Kennedy-esque) in 2012.

    Emily Litela? Oh...good memories, Moogie..."Sax and Violins on TV." Good one!

  3. I really, rilly did NOT understand the administration's position on the "coup." But when you have amateurs running things ya get dumb-ass amateur moves.

    wv: typed. Why, yes. I did. How else do ya think it got there?