Thursday, March 25, 2010

And . . . He's Off!

So, the not-so-young-anymore president is back on the campaign trail -- his very, very favorite place to be -- to campaign for the healthcare reform bill which he has already signed into law.

What am I missing here? It's already through Congress (for the most part) and well on its way to litigation (thank you, Louisiana, et al!). What does he really hope to accomplish with this latest road trip?

I get this visual of him talking and talking and talking about the same ol' mischaracterizations with his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears. He can't hear us, but if he keeps talking long enough, we'll finally give in and accept his version of the song, wrong lyrics and all.

Also -- not that I'm really complaining -- but today he's in Iowa. Last week he was in Ohio. He's been in Pennsylvania and New York and Michigan and Colorado.

Does he ever go anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line to speak to the adoring throngs?

Like I said -- not that I'm down here in New Orleans, complaining . . . .


  1. Yeah Moogie, I found it curious today when I heard the reports that he was on the road "selling" his health care plan. I'm like, "whazzup wid dat?"

    Of course, we know what's up with it. The public ain't buying still. I just watched a local news report about the new "tanning bed" tax attached to health care. Ooooohhhhh you ought to have seen that ticked off gal that owned the salon!

    Morons, one and all! Dangerous morons...

  2. What REALLY irritates me is you can't get away from the guy. Even Fox News, who should know better, covers his every appearance. The current fashion of littering the stage behind the speaker (any and EVERY speaker, not just The One) with adoring acolytes makes me wanna throw a brick at my teevee. That's assuming the thing is on, of course. The smiling faces of the oh-so-diverse dumbassery nodding in agreement and almost literally kissing his ass turns my stomach.

    There. I feel better now. Sorry.