Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just in Case It's Beyond Superstition . . .

I need friends and family members to be especially careful for awhile.

The mockingbird and blue jay are back.  Remember them from around Halloween a few years back?

The mockingbird isn't tapping at the window -- yet -- but he's scouting something.  His blue jay sidekick is building a nest in the ligustrum beside the front porch.  It's bound to attract the neighborhood feral cats who just love to gnosh on baby birds and leave a bloody mess beneath.

Anyway, since I was raised by a somewhat superstitious southern mother, I'm not letting a bird come into this house, so there's not going to be a death.  But, if you would all just use extra caution until I get this behind me, I'd be ever so appreciative.


  1. Have you ever read Mark Twain's story about the Blue Jays - very funny. We will be careful. My grandmother was from East Texas and a bit superstitious herself.

  2. I just refreshed my memory about the Twain blue jay yarn. HEh. Thanks for you8r precautions!

  3. It's good that the mockingbird isn't tapping. And I'll be careful, as well. Extra careful, I should say, coz us geezers are always careful, LOL.