Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama -- a Manly Man?

If the New York Times' David Brooks has fallen off the ObamaTrain, there is truly hope in the air.

I can't go along with his masculinization of the metrosexual Young President whom he describes as "postfeminist in his values, but also thoroughly traditional in style — hypercompetitive, restrained, not given to self-doubt, rarely self-indulgent." I especially can't concur with his attributing to Obama the characteristic of "rarely self-indulgent."  Puh-leeze!  You Google "self-indulgent" and his picture crops up in the first line! (Or, maybe the second line if Michelle's smiling face is in first place).

The last paragraph of the op-ed piece lends hope to those of us who fervently pray that the left-leaning lurch that this country has taken may slow and resume a more moderate -- dare I say maybe even conservative -- course:

I’d say that Obama is a slight underdog this year: the scuffling economy will grind away at voters. But his leadership style is keeping him afloat. He has defined a version of manliness that is postboomer in policy but preboomer in manners and reticence.   
But, attributing anything resembling traditional manliness to #44 is to make one laugh.  Or at least to giggle behind one's hand.

Hee hee!


  1. Rarely self-indulgent? Really David? Sheesh. How 'bout we stop fussing over personality, pre-this, post-that and trouser creases, and begin fussing over POLICIES and RESULTS.

  2. Looks like Newsweek was being more literal than I thought....

  3. Lord. He's the epitome of the non-masculine male who stops just short of swish. Add his narcissism and arrogance and you have seriously NOT attractive.

  4. In re: Obama and manliness. You need to check out The Mayor's post on the subject.

    In re: Brooks. I useta like the guy but nowadays he just makes me cringe. He's a regular on McNeil-Lehrer and Charlie Rose, but how those two shows get by with billing him as "conservative" is beyond me. I'm glad you read his column so I don't have to, Moogie.

    1. Oh. My. The pics at the Mayor's are ├╝ber creepy.

      The Brooks column ran in our paper yesterday. He's not one of my regular reads for your reasons.

  5. Obama "Manly"? Not even if he was being compared to Michael Jackson and Pee Wee Herman.