Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An American Tragedy

The five-year-old, a recent Kindergarten graduate, was said to have asked her preacher, "What color are Jesus's eyes?"

Today, a day after she was murdered at a cousin's 10th birthday celebration (during which he also suffered gunshot wounds), her preacher told the world that she now knows firsthand what color those eyes are.

A mother of three young children was also killed, the victim of being in the right place at the wrong time, blocks away, in a rental car she was returning to Enterprise.

A 13 year-old and his 15 year old companion  have been arrested.  The 13 year-old was apprehended based on data from his ankle bracelet.  His frickin' ankle bracelet!  His rap sheet is reported to be lengthy, but it can't be released due to his age.  Of course.  Young relatives of the slain are reportedly not cooperating with investigators.  Ya think?  How much longer before we read about their untimely deaths?

What will it take to stop this senseless violence.  Apparently the young President doesn't make this blight a priority.  Way to dodge your "mandate" there, President Obama.


  1. Once again, thank you Ray Nagin for using all of that federal rebuilding money to bring all of these people back from everywhere that they'd been relocated to just to make sure that the city stayed "chocolate". I guess that a chocolate city is preferable to a safe, economically-viable city if only the former can be guaranteed to vote Dem.

  2. This makes me want to go into a mouth slobberin' rant. The kid with the ankle bracelet was probably required to attend school - putting him in the seat next to innocents. We have become so concerned with protecting the criminal's rights, we forget to protect the innocent.

  3. With minimal consequences for actions, the actions just spiral. If people won't avoid doing things just because it's the wrong thing to do, they have to be made to avoid doing wrong things because they are afraid of the consequences.

  4. What everyone else said, especially Lou about the rant. And people wonder why we have capital punishment...

  5. What you all said. And the summer school vacation has just begun. It's gonna be a long, hot, sad summer.