Thursday, May 17, 2012

This Makes Income Tax Rates Look Like a Good Deal

In a letter to the editor in yesterday's Times-Picayune, a taxpayer shared a discovery he made after he paid with a credit card for long-term airport parking fees instead of his usual cash.  I must admit -- this is something I never checked out before, but now it's really sticking in my craw.

The correspondent's receipt printed out details of the basic fee plus all the "add-ons."  Here is what he saw:

Parking Fee:  $100.00
Parking tax (WTF?!?!):  10%
Airport fee (WTF?!?!):   7%
Jefferson Parish sales tax:  4.75%
Louisiana sales tax:  4%

for a grand total of 25.75% in effective taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me?!?!

He concluded his letter by explaining that all the added-on taxes have now made it cheaper to pay for a family member's gas to take him to and pick him up from the airport on future trips.  He'll no longer be parking at the airport.

I hope the politicians are paying attention to this.  It's a classic example of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Just call me Mother Goose, waddling on out of here.


  1. He's gonna burn extra gas going to and from the airport?!?!?! Has he no empathy at all for the plight of Mother Earth?

  2. Maybe harmful to Mother Earth, but just think of all the extra taxes he'll be paying at the pump!

    There's no escape.

  3. Have you looked at yer cell phone bill lately? The taxes and add-on fees there make me livid... I suppose you're prolly the same if Loosy-Anna is anythang like Nuevo Mexico.

  4. No, Buck. I try very hard not to do that becaue I don't want to think of funding all those free cell phones out there that I will never see.