Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Your Government Scam du Jour

All I have to say about this is:  Holy.  Crap.

We are doomed.


  1. Twelve years ago when we were in Italy for a month, we drove a Punto Fiat - it was great - very fuel efficient. Then we rented a Ford diesel - amazing little car - one you can't buy either car in the US. Some of it is taxes, but some is environmental issues. It seems that the US does not make the same diesel grade fuel. I have no statistics or real knowledge - just hear-say.

    As long as Americans want to drive their big gas sucking vehicles, that is what we will be sold. Until things get too pricey for us and we demand different - as long as we are willing to pay out the whazoo, they will take our money.

  2. We're not doomed... we just need a management change. And a thorough housecleaning at the EPA, among other agencies, if not the outright abolishment of said agency.

    Yeah, I know: dreamer.

  3. Yeah Moogie, I've looked at this issue in the past. Buck said what we all know to be true.

    There is so much at stake for dozens of interests in keeping US dependent. It's a web, really.

    Good video. I hope it gets a lot of traction, and gets more people demanding something be done.