Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Southern Mothers Corps Still Needed at the White House, Along With a Real "Leader"

Our darling mainstream media folk went apoplectic over Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's alleged "school-boy scolding" of the Young President yesterday, after the Young President had blind-sided Israel yet again about the Palestinian thing the day before.

My, how quickly they forget.

Remember Moogie's observation about how PM Netanyahu was treated by the Young President over a year ago:

Wanted at the White House: Southern Mothers

The accounts of the Obama-Netanyahu Close Encounter are downright embarrassing.

I can just hear my mother's voice, scolding the Young President for his wretchedly poor display of how NOT to host a world leader at the White House. Leaving a guest unattended while the host goes to have a meal with the family?!?! I think not. I would've been grounded for weeks had I treated a guest in that fashion.

Maybe that's the solution to the Obama bad-manners department -- we need a corps of strong Southern Mothers to move into the White House to "shake a knot" onto the Young President's head and to teach him some rudimentary etiquette. I envision many hours of chores assigned as punishment along with the admonition, "Now, you just go and think about what you did!"

And I can just hear the motherly counter-arguments: "I don't care if you thought that making him stew for awhile would 'soften him up' for negotiations. You will not treat a guest that way under this roof!"

I hope Mr. Netanyahu was at least offered some cheese straws and iced tea.

Nah -- I don't think Michelle has that recipe.

I think maybe ol' Willie Shakespeare nailed it with his description about revenge and taking one's time to savor it, n'ces pas?  Slick move, Mr. Prime Minister.

And, I still think we need a Southern Mothers Corps in the White House.  You know, a Corps populated with those strong, southern women who have been schooled in both etiquette AND protocol; those who would also have enough common sense to show a cop-killing-advocate rapper the door before he could soil the White House linens.  Those who would unflinchingly sit the Young President's fanny in the corner when he gets too big for his britches, and find a corner spacious enough to accommodate Michelle's when she busts the seams.

I also like this photo that was making the rounds on Facebook yesterday, juxtaposing the Young President and Netanyahu at the same age:
Pictures speak words.   Pictures are words, spoken with an accent of experience.


  1. Egad. Blogger hates me!! I hope y'all appreciate how many hundreds of hoops I just had to dive through to get this post up! Sheesh.

  2. I saw that Bibi/Obama picture on some blog I was reading from a memeorandum link yesterday or the day before. I also saw lotsa comment yesterday along the lines of "too bad Bibi wasn't born in the US, he'd make a helluva GOP candidate." Bibi really knocked it out of the park with his address to Congress. I watched the whole thing yesterday morning as I was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing (and through my first cup). Hell, **I** nearly stood up and appluaded several times during his speech. That's sayin' sumthin', considerin' I'd JUST woke up.

    I agree with ya on the Southern Mothers thang. Mom is responsible for who I am today in large part... for better or worse. ;-)

  3. Ugh. Barry holds his smoke like some kind of nancyboy. I can't think of one single thing about him that isn't repulsive.

  4. Good piece, Moogie. Yeah, the guy is a true toad. I mean, he makes Clinton look good.

    I just shake my head daily...

  5. Deb tried to post a comment, but Blogger must dislike her as much as it does me.Anyway, she sent the following by email:

    Tried to post a comment to your post on Obummer’s boorish behaviour. Blogger wouldn’t let me. Kept redirecting me to the log-in page, input user name and password; tried to do it 3 times to no avail. CRAP.
    Anyway it went something like this:
    You know, a Corps populated with those strong, southern women who have been schooled in both etiquette AND protocol. Amen to that Moogie. I think there are a whole lot of politicos that need the ‘treatment’, not just your young President.

  6. I hear ya, Buck!

    Without a doubt, Inno. Just seeing hime these days makes me cringe, although I do get a kick when watching him outside of his comfort zone, like during the SEAL's attack and dealing with Medvedev. He gets this kinda constipated-like expression on his face. My mama would've given him a dose of Fletcher's Castoria.

    I shake my head, too, Andy. Sometimes until it gives me a headache.

    I agree, Deb. There should be a mandatory course before anyone could be sworn in to public office, with failure being grounds for kicking the bum out.