Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the Navy!

Been out of town again.  More wedding stuff.  Food porn post still in the works.  Saw this today on Facebook and had to share.

Obama's contribution to the death of UBL:

Now, that is one wicked water hazard!


  1. Heh. I've seen that pic before, usually posted by a Squid and accompanied with some derogatory comment about the Air Force.

    I like this version MUCH better. ;-)

  2. All it needs is a minaret on top of the clubhouse.

  3. When barry swings a golf club he looks like an ADHD kid trying to shoo away angry hornets, so there better put up some netting around the perimeter.

  4. How weird. I knew I commented earlier, but when I came back just now, it wasn't there. So I commented again, and then my previous one popped back up.

    And yeah, only a real goober puts up three comments in a row. Guilty as charged.