Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Death Knell of the Educational System

I can't find it now so I can link to it, so they must have pulled the original version of the story.  At least that's to their credit (and some sharp-eyed editor's.)

Earlier today, I was perusing news snippets on the Associated Press app on the iPad and came across a piece about the flooding along the Mississippi.  The "journalist" described the source of the flood waters as the Mississippi River "and the smaller rivers that spring from it."  That concept was so bizarre that I re-read it several times to be sure that's what it really said.

That's what it really said.

To borrow Andy's favorite epithet, Crud

The passage referred to flood waters north of the Morganza spillway, so the "journalist" could not have been thinking about the southernmost delta where the river just kinda dissolves into a bunch of fingers and swamps.  So now America's educational institutions are teaching today's "learners" (seriously -- I've seen students referred to as "learners" in some recent literature) that the Mighty Muddy spawns smaller rivers. 



  1. Ummm... why am I NOT surprised? You'd think an editor would have caught that, but they all come from the same system.

  2. It's a sad state of affairs indeed.