Saturday, May 21, 2011

For Your Post-apocalyptic Needs

Since it's already Sunday in New Zealand, I suppose we can assume that the Rapture has been put on hold for now.

That's a good thing for many reasons, but especially for the additional time we will now have to register our left-behind pets for post-apocalyptic care.

For real. See

This thing reads like a Saturday Night Live skit. (The video is really reminiscent of SNL videos from days gone by!)

I especially like the "Frequently Asked Questions" section. The one question I'd like to ask, though, is whether we can trust all these volunteer pet-care-givers? I'm just sayin'.

People are actually sending money to these folks! Sheesh.


  1. AND they have After the Rapture pet Care "gear" for sale! Tee shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags. Holy. Moly.

  2. Heh. Nice link.

    But seriously... this isn't a problem, IF you're Catholic. But then again, I'm no theologian and I ain't sure if Catholics believe in the rapture to begin with.

  3. Guess I'm just weird...I have always hoped that the passages about the Rapture were transcribed incorrectly. In my mind it would work so much better if all of the evil people disappeared. I'm just sayin'...

  4. Moogie, if I ever get raptured, I'm gonna need somebody to feed Sadie.

    She is too stupid to take to heaven with me, but too smart to let starve.

    It's a problem. I can't hire any muslim that's been left behind. Obviously. And, she doesn't trust atheists.

    I'm gonna have to study on this.

  5. And, she doesn't trust atheists.

    What about Buddhists? I might could be available.

  6. Buck, thanks for the kind consideration. As far as I know, she's good with Buddhists. But, even though I love her, I WOULD NOT saddle a friend with her stupid self to care for.

    It's enough to make you lose your religion.

  7. I'm going with my Catholic daughter's take on it -- "All Dogs Go To Heaven." Period. I don't need to go someplace forever that discriminates against dogs. I mean, what is more innocent and loving than babies and dogs?