Monday, January 25, 2010

Two Words Are Irrevocably Linked Today: Saints and Destiny

When the Saints recovered that fumble near their own goal line to steal a momentum-shifting touchdown from the Vikes right before halftime, and I happened to catch a glimpse of the guest towel in our powder room during a "commercial" trip to the kitchen, a voice softly whispered one word in my mind: Destiny.

Two quarters and one overtime later, I believed.

I may leave this guest towel out ALL FREAKIN' YEAR!!!!!

What a party!! I just heard on the radio that police in the Quarter were actually encouraging reveling Saints fans to go home and go to bed as recently as 7:30 this morning! Fireworks went off all over the city after the final whistle, and kept on popping until well after midnight last night! We stood in the back courtyard to ooh and ahh for quite awhile.

Local television stations posted crews in the Quarter to report on the celebration from the usual Bourbon Street balconies, and their broadcasts showed crowds that rival those of Mardi Gras -- the kind of crowds in which you literally cannot get from Point A to Point B unless the entire crowd wants to go to Point B.

A friend emailed this morning that his ears were still ringing from the unbelieveable noise in the Dome, and that -- of course -- he hopes to get his voice back some time later in the week, having lost most of it while contributing to the din in the Dome that caused the Vikings to wear ear plugs!

Oh, to have been in that number!

But, savoring a victory from the couch tastes just as sweet as it would have when standing immobile on Bourbon Street. Ringing in the ears and laryingitis might not be too bad, though.

Next stop on the Destiny Train -- Miami. February 7th. Super Saintly Sunday!!!!!!

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