Monday, January 25, 2010

No Looting, No Rioting -- Just a Brass Band and . . .

Saints Video: Bourbon Street

So, I had to steal this from Elder Daughter.

THIS! This visually captures what I was trying to communicate about the joy in this city!

And, I love a couple of the comments posted about the video on

My favorite part of this video, the brass band. What other city in the world
would have a fan say: "our team is about to make the superbowl, party in the
streets...hold on, I gotta get my tuba!"

no rioting, looting, and burning cars? I thought that's what fans did to their
city when they win lol. As usual NOLA is a CLASS ACT. Geaux Saints!

How cool is that -- NOLA is a class act!!!!

Seriously -- this video will give you happy tears!


  1. I liked how they showed Bourbon Street before the end of the game - deserted - then after.

    I could live in a town like that. =)

  2. God was on your side last night, Moogie. I don't normally watch the pros but there's precious little on teevee on a Sunday evening so I watched the game. FWIW... I don't like the NFL's sudden death OT; one could make a case that the game could just as well have been decided with the coin toss... no need to go thru the formality of playing the OT.

    Still and even: congrats! As I've said before, there's nothing quite like it when your team wins a championship.

  3. Hey Moogie! Congrats to your Saints! If it can't be my Cowboys, well, I'm happy it's our State team anyway!

    I'm pinching that video. I'll be sure to tell where I stole it from.

  4. With Katrina as a backdrop for the last time New Orleans made the news...this shines all the more brightly!