Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside (and inside!) in "Who Dat" Land!

So. It has been an interesting weekend at Moogie's World.

Remember Moogie's Mansion? The old girl is a fairly common example of the way things were built in New Orleans in 1906. There are still two enormous brick cisterns -- now sealed off -- in the attic that used to be the water source for the upstairs tubs and toilets. Pretty uptown, don't you think! (Not to mention being pretty indicative of how very well and strong buildings were constructed way back then!) City water was added at some point in the early 20th century, back when times were fairly warm, one must assume.

Despite AlGore's assertions to the contrary, one must assume that times were fairly warm back then because you'll note the pipes running from the City water supply up to the second floor, are on the outside of the building.

You'll also note the towel wrapped around one of those pipes.

There's a towel wrapped around that pipe because it burst yesterday afternoon, giving us a cascading waterfall the likes of which you've never seen! For some reason, Pepper thought a towel might help somehow. I'm still not quite sure how it was to be helpful, but the towel's still there, awaiting one of our buddies from Al Bourgeois Plumbing. Since we have a 104 year-old house, we also have Al Bourgeois on speed-dial. Our post-Katrina bills alone probably sent one of the Bourgeois grandchildren through some pretty ritzy private schools.

Fortunately, it was the hot water pipe that burst, so we were able to shut off the water just to the upstairs water heater instead of all the water to the upstairs. Like last time. *Sigh*

We made out much better, though, than our neighbors did in the apartment house next-door, built in 1898. They got to keep their water (at last report!), but they lost all power when the overloaded main breaker box arced out (again!). There was quite a fireworks display, complete with a visit from the Fire Department. The Fire Captain told the neighbors that this was the power utility's problem, not the Fire Department's.

I think this horrid cold snap has the Fire Department a little testy. Can't say that I blame them.

We invited the apartment tenants to come over to spend the night, or just to get warm, but they apparently all made other arrangements -- the parking area was pretty empty by about 8:00 last night. I'm really kinda glad they had others to take them in -- doing a huge bunch of linen laundering isn't on the schedule for this week, but I would've gladly done it if my neighbors were in need.

I guess the good will and cheer of the Christmas season hasn't totally faded yet. Even if it was offered begrudgingly.

Nevertheless -- Come on, sunshine!!! The foliage is failing and there's actual ice in the backyard! In New Orleans! My poor little rose bush is so very confused. And I have no idea why the frozen hibiscus photo insists on being on its side. It must be cold.

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  1. Well, I've beat the global warming jokes to death, so I'll not make another one here. But I've noticed this particular cold snap has gotten a LOT of attention from all the pundits and talking heads... including most of the bloggers I read. But relief is on the way! Yays!

    I hear ya about old houses, too, Moogie. My favorite house from past lives was only 20 years younger than yours and we became great good friends with various tradesmen. Note that I said "favorite house." Even with all its quirks it was still the best place I ever owned.