Saturday, January 23, 2010

Superbowl Marketing Ploy du Jour

With all the Championship and Super Bowl buzz going on in this neck of the woods lately, this laminated flyer arrived in our mailbox yesterday from "Elite Celebrity Concierge." (Click to enlarge)


What the heck is an "Official Emerging Business" anyway? Do you suppose it's an unofficially "emerging" scam of the week?

The flyer and website claim that its founder or CEO or office manager (whoever the heck the featured young lady is) is "Licensed" as a Ticket Broker, Traveler Insurance Agent (Not "Travelers," mind you), Mortgage Broker, and Precious Metals Broker "just to name a few."

Precious Metals Broker? Huh? I suppose one needs new bling to sport while taking in the rays on the yacht or while dancing the night away in the "hottest clubs in Miami." One might need a little insurance. But, why would one possibly need a mortgage for a rental? Just what exactly is the price? Or the terms, for heaven's sake!

Creepy thoughts are fluttering around in my imagination right about now. . . .

There are some pretty ritzy properties depicted on the website -- not to mention the rather spiffy stable of rolling and floating stock. Think "Miami Vice," punctuated with smooth, repetitive, soft-porn-esque background music.

I'm thinking the rather physically-fit, scantily-clad young women in the lower right-hand of the flyer must be the housekeeping staff. Or something like that.

But the most curious thing is -- I'm kinda wondering how this particular flyer wound up in the mailbox at Moogie's Mansion. Do you suppose there's something Pepper isn't telling me?!?!

And I'm not at all certain that I want to know why the flyer is laminated.



  1. Heh, on several levels.

    On a serious note... this sorta thing offends my sensibilities. And most definitely makes me think evil and MOST uncharitable thoughts towards the people who create such "enterprises." I'm not envious by nature and certainly not a "class warfare" sort. I just hate excess.

  2. Moogie, I read this earlier, but just got back around to comment. I checked out the CEO of this Gerly Laine.

    It seems that I can't find anything negative about this young woman. Her Facebook profile shows something over 100 "friends"...whatever that means. And, she is listed as having several professional capabilities in the Miami area.

    Heck, if I hadn't been otherwise occupied today I would have called the toll-free number to rent a mansion in Miami for the Super Bowl weekend...just to see what the deal was. It seemed like a fun idea at the time, but the day kinda took the "fun" out of me.

    Tomorrow night we shall know whether we will need accommodations in South Florida, or not. I find it quite interesting that Favre (in probably his last shot) comes up against the Saints. I'll bet it is true pandelerium down there.