Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simon Property Group Tries to Take Atlanta's Teapot Off the Burner

The Simon Property Group ("SPG") recently leaned on a neighbor and revoked permission for the Atlanta Tea Party 4th of July event, scheduled since March, to use its easements to access property at the Gwinett Place Mall. Fortunately, the expected 20,000 - 30,000 Tea Partiers will be able to join another nearby Tea Party. One of the organizers stated:

"It is unfortunate the event had to be canceled," said Julianne Thompson, event co-organizer. She continued, "The old Macy's building is on private property, and not owned by Simon Malls, however the mall manager asked the property owner and I to come in the office on Thursday of this week [June 18], and told us Simon does not want political events on its property. They were also concerned about the fact we were using the term 'protest.' Although the event was on private property, the mall was able to assert authority on the matter due to reciprocal property easement agreements."

American Thinker has an idea why this happened:

"Following the money, connecting the dots:

Gwinnett Place Mall shut down the Atlanta Tea Party.
Simon Property Group owns Gwinnett Place Mall.
Melvin Simon (a Forbes 400 billionaire) is Co-chairman of Simon Property Group, Inc.
Melvin Simon has provided large political contributions to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, John Edwards, the DNC and many other Democrats and Democrat organizations.
Melvin Simon was a major contributor to Barack Obama inaugural committee and has given at least $1 million to the William J. Clinton foundation.
Melvin's wife, Bren, personally donated almost $100,000 to various political candidates, was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, and contributed to President Obama's inaugural committee."

Doesn't want political events on its property, my sweet Aunt Fanny. How many politicians have cut ribbons and fund-raised at malls across America?

I emailed corporate asking for locations of their properties that I can boycott -- I doubt I'll get a reply. Using their website, however, I learned that SPG owns/manages Esplanade Mall in Kenner, LA, and McCain Mall in North Little Rock, AR, among other places. I think I'll drop a little love note to the malls' management, advising them that I choose to shop elsewhere because of SPG's politics, specifically concerning the Atlanta Tea Party. Care to join me?

Contact Simon Properties.

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