Friday, June 19, 2009

Barbara's Boorish Behavior

I won't tell you the title under which I saved the following in my documents, but it rhymes with "Boxer the Witch Letter":

Senator Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

re: Your boorish behavior


How high is that horse you're perched upon? What were you thinking when you, with a put-upon and exasperated tone of voice, challenged Brigadier General Michael Walsh's use of the respectful salutation, "ma'am," when addressing you? You stated that you "worked very hard" to acquire the title, "Senator," and preferred that you be addressed by that title. Well, la-ti-dah.

It's clear that you were not reared in a home that practiced and taught common courtesy, much less protocol. Perhaps you should study the State Department's protocol order of preference list, or that of the U.S. Army. In doing so, you would learn that, as a Senator, you outrank the good General in civilian affairs. He was giving honor and respect to you by referring to you as "ma'am," just as he would to a military member who outranked him.

General Walsh was doing your bidding, testifying to provide you with information about Gulf Coast restoration efforts. He was there at the invitation of your committee, so he was, in essence, your guest. Is this how you treat your guests? If so, I'm grateful that I'm merely a member of the great unwashed who will never merit an invitation to see you in action as a hostess; my husband is a retired Army officer, and I might be tempted by training and genteel southern tradition to refer to you as "ma'am." I wouldn't want to offend.

Your behavior, Senator Boxer, is that of the worst kind of feminist. Your behavior is the kind that causes the good ol' boys to smile and shake hands to your face, then laugh and refer to you by derogatory names in the men's room. Your kind of feminism makes it all the more difficult for young women to break into a "man's profession." I should know -- I watched your kind make it all the more difficult for me to gain the respect of my fellow attorneys a generation ago. I thought we, as a society, had grown beyond petty sniping between the sexes.

Or, instead of sexism, is it the military that is the subject of your disdain? Either way, take a breath and think before engaging your mouth.


Up til now I've had no desire to live in California, but if it meant I could vote against this shrew tomorrow, I'd "load up the truck and move to Bever-lee. Hills, that is. Swimming pools, movie stars." And insufferable elected officials. Where do they find these people?!?!


  1. Or, instead of sexism, is it the military that is the subject of your disdain?

    I'll go with that. California Democrat... what else could it be? :D

  2. bravo!! at least it wasn't "slutty flight attendant".

    "is it the military that is the subject of your disdain?"
    that too.

    great blog Moogie.
    PUMA-Dem & she-Vet

  3. Boxer is an arrogant, boorish ill-mannered little twerp who has a very exaggerated sense of her own importance. She was elected Senator (UNFORTUNATELY), not appointed to her position. The General should have stood up to her, and insisted upon being addressed by his military title.