Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao: Not a Cap & Tr8tor

I just emailed this to my Congressman, Anh "Joseph" Cao. I may be on a roll:

The purpose of this communication is threefold:

1. It angers me when I try to communicate with a Member of Congress via email and learn that he/she accepts electronic communications only from residents of his/her district. I own real property in 3 different states and believe that Members representing all of those properties deserve the benefit of my input, not just the one where I vote (which, in this case, is New Orleans). For that matter, all Members deserve the benefit of my input. Please consider changing your policy and encouraging your colleagues to do the same. I understand that you receive an incredible number of emails, but they should all be read and considered; that's why you have a staff at my expense.

2. Please find someone else to compose your press releases. The piece posted on your website concerning your vote on the ACES Act is rife with grammatical errors and misspellings (i.e., Audubon, not Audobon). It's embarrassing.

3. And finally, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for voting against the ACES Act. Thank you for respecting your constituency and actually thinking about the long-term consequences of this incomplete, overreaching, pork-laced, doomed-to-fail piece of stealth-tax. Smaller, subject-specific measures will more adequately deal with energy issues than a 1,200 page piece of who-knows-what. THANK YOU for voting against a bill that had a 300-page amendment filed in the middle of the night. THANK YOU for voting against a bill that had a placeholder in it for a plan (to be designed by none other than Barney "Just Trust Me" Frank) to carry out the terms of the bill. PLEASE continue to vote against ANY measure that is incomplete. PLEASE continue to vote against any measure that overreaches. PLEASE continue to resist the Speaker's draconian leadership.

Thank you, Congressman Cao.


Item #1 was engendered after I tried to email the "Cap & Tr8tors," the 8 Republicans who bent to Pelosi's will, and was able to contact only two of the eight because they're SO busy and receive SO many emails. Cao does the same thing. That really ticks me off. Number 2 came about when I read the Congressman's press release posted on his congressional website while I was ticked off. It was embarrassing.

I'm ready to go to a birthday party and blow off some steam!

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