Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Good News From Your Governments

So now it seems that, to protect their citizens from their own folly, many cities are banning -- wait for it -- SLEDDING!!!

As a lawyer, I can appreciate the potential liability issues, but as an American citizen and adult human being, I detest being treated like a child. There, there, little lady. Don't tax your pretty little head -- let us do the thinking for you. After all, we know best.

Just consider the near-impossibility of enforcing such an overreaching law. It would do no good to ban the sale of actual sleds -- kids are creative and can turn most anything into a makeshift snow glider.We used to use trash can lids when I was a kid. And somebody's always got cardboard.

And, what's the penalty for engaging in said banned activity? Throw gleeful schoolkids in the hoosegow?

Sheesh. No one overthought this nifty little idea, huh.

Farewell, Rosebud and American Flyer.

We're doomed.


  1. Lunch room trays...

    It's not the laws that infuriate me so much as the stupid humans that "require" them. If you don't like the end results of hurtling downhill on a slick piece of something, don't do it. And parents - it's your child. Be aware of their environment. It's YOUR responsibility.

    A 1/2 mile drive down the mountain. We had sense enough to roll off the sled when it reached a certain speed. We got bumped and bruised. And did it all over again.

    1. Thank you very much for the common sense update!! (and, I'd forgotten about lunchroom trays!)