Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Tuesday

This is more pleasant to contemplate than Muslims, radical or otherwise, or the White House, or GEN Patraeus, or Attorney General Holder. Especially Holder.

Or Ohio State. Shoot -- I just detest Ohio State. Anyway -- stay warm!


  1. That is one great fireplace. I'm sure you spend some quality time in front of the fire. Noticing the flor de lis reminded me of a story: While visiting with my Louisianan cousin a few years back, we were discussing my daughter's pottery/art ability. My cousin suggested that my daughter try imprinting her pottery with different symbols - that the flor de lis would be perfect. She said this several times. Finally I stopped her and asked, "What exactly is a Florida leaf?" I had totally misunderstood her and did not know WTH she was talking about. It took her a long time to quit laughing at me.