Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Goings on and Humor

I don't have much.  I've been out playing with the dogs in this gorgeous weather, and now I'm trying to avoid watching the Arkansas/LSWho game because both teams really need the W if there's to be any post-season play.  My Hogs have had quite a drought in the post-season department for waaaaay too long now.  But, I can hear it in the next room, so I might as well go subject myself to it.

Ran across this on Facebook this morning:

Heh. This is nothing new, though, is it?  I wonder if the "losers" will be paid the new prevailing federal minimum wage.  Hopefully, some of them will be able to spell.

Go Hogs!


  1. There's nothing like beautiful WX in mid-February to lift the spirits!

  2. No kidding! We have the windows open this afternoon!