Monday, February 10, 2014

I'd Check My Appetite at the Door, if I Were You . . .

. . . because it seems that a restaurant in Nigeria was recently shut down by police after a tipster let the cops in on the restaurant's "secret ingredient" -- human head meat.  Two human heads wrapped in cellophane were confiscated during the bust.  A local pastor who had consumed some of the, er, meat dish delicacy, and who was (allegedly) ignorant of its source, complained to police not about the composition of the dish, or how he suffered projectile vomiting after being let in on the secret, but about its price. Way to be compassionate there, pastor ol' pal.

As a Facebook friend noted, when aggravated in Nigeria, it's probably best not to yell "Eat me!" at the source of your aggravation.

I think it's probably best not to schedule pleasure travel to Nigeria anytime soon.