Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scandal and Secession

A few hours ago, a Petition Permitting Louisiana to Secede from the United States of America amassed more than the number of signatures required for the White House to issue a response.  BayouBuzz reports:

Louisiana secession petition signatures reached the threshold for a response from the White House on Tuesday morning. The White House We The People programs offers all citizens the power to initiate a petition drive. Once a petition reaches more than 25,000 signatures in a 30-day period, the issue is routed to the appropriate office for review and a response issued.  
As of Tuesday morning, Louisiana’s petition to secede had 27,028 signatures, according to the Atlanta Black Star . Louisiana celebrated its statehood bicentennial earlier this year. A man identified as “Michael E” of Slidell created the secession petition on November 7, according to The Advertiser .  
University of Louisiana at Lafayette political science professor Ryan Teten had this to say about the We the People petition drive:
“It doesn’t represent the state and its population. It’s another form of protest. Given Louisiana’s position and its struggles."
 As of this afternoon, the HuffPo is reporting that some 30 similar petitions have been filed on the White House website's "We the People" feature. 

[Of course, there's also a petition seeking to name Duncan Trussell as Emperor of Planet Earth. (Don't ask me -- I have not made the acquaintance of Mr. Trussell.)  Mr. Trussell has already accumulated 221 signatures.  Personally, I don't see the Young President granting the status of Emperor to anyone but himself, so Mr. Trussell probably should put off ordering the leopard skin cape with ermine trim for awhile.  (You don't want to know what he wants his throne made of.  Seriously.) But, it's nice to have aspirations, I suppose.]

Interestingly enough, one must create an "account" and "log in" before one may add a signature. Yeah.  I want to create an "account" on the White House website.  When pigs fly.  I'm sure someone already monitors every time I brush my teeth or eat an extra potato chip or two, so I'm pretty sure I don't want to give the squiggly-wire-earpiece guys tacit approval to monitor me .

I'm seriously unsure of what to make of the secession movement.  There are already more than 78,000 signatures on a Texas petition.  More than 27,000 on Louisiana's. Kick in Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Missouri, and another 74,000+ add to the total.  Heck, even someone in Wisconsin and Kalifornia has filed petitions -- and people are signing them!  Of course, these are statistically insignificant numbers, but they are relevant numbers. 

There is a cauldron of smelly stuff, and fear, coming to a boil out there while the media go on and on about the indiscretions of senior military leadership rather than voting discrepancies or murdered ambassadors. Something is getting ready to hit the fan, and I doubt whether those who plan to pitch it are willing to wait four more years.

Get ready to duck.


  1. At this point, secession is just scare talk. Unfortunately, all it's doing is successfully painting us conservatives as a bunch of crazy revolutionary rednecks. Things certainly don't look rosy for the next four years, but crying Chicken Little and acting like fools just gives the people who want to control us more ammo.

    And don't forget the results of the last time that there was secession. A whole hell of a lot of bloodshed and divisions within the country that still last to this day.

  2. Very valid points.

    My gut still is in knots, and will be for some time to come.

  3. I think the secession talk is a way to let the Feds know that the people are upset. But it is a sign of the times - and it makes you wonder how ugly things were back in 1860's. Are we there? Will we get there? Interesting stuff.

  4. I suppose it has the entertainment value of clogging the servers.

    WV has one out there, too, but, like you, I'm not setting up an account there.

  5. Get ready to duck.

    That won't do any good... you can't possibly duck low enough to avoid the doo-doo that's gonna hit the fan. Is my opinion.

  6. I think you're probably right, Lou.

    It is to giggle, isn't it PH?

    I fear you may be right, Buck.