Friday, July 27, 2012

You're Secondary in Your Children's Hearts, American Parents

The Young President arrived in New Orleans on Wednesday to snarl traffic, raise campaign funds, and to define his position on government's role in our lives during a speech he delivered to the Urban League convention. He actually uttered the words in quotations. The AP reports:
Obama's message was comprehensive, but he ultimately did not promise anything specific. He spoke of community policing strategies and mental health centers, or programs that steer people away into safe activities instead of gang violence, of ensuring that parents and teachers step in to fill a hole in a child's heart "that government alone cannot fill."
Parents should step up to fill a hole in their children's hearts that government alone cannot fill?!?!" Seriously?!?! Did those words come from the mouth of Barack Obama or Hugo Chavez? Oh. That's what I thought. To repeat the obvious, we simply cannot give this guy a second, lame duck term in the White House.


  1. Yep, we didn't fill that. Someone else filled that for us!

  2. Wow. I don't think even Kim Jong-un is *that* into government.

    The pResident was just up here in Oregon a couple days ago snarling traffic. Now he's down there hasslin' you guys.

    I sense a pattern forming... :)

  3. In-freakin'-credible. I'm semi-speechless, which is to say this is a family sorta blog and the words in my head wouldn't look good here.

  4. Sure am glad that he has nothing important to do, like work on the economy or national security issues. I do hope that his campaigning doesn't start to interfere with his golf games or Moochelle's vacation schedule.

  5. Work?!?! Murph. As my Daddy always says, in connection with the infamous Murphy's Law, "Murphy was an optimist."