Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From the Inbox -- in the "Only in New Orleans" Folder

In today's email blast from the New Orleans Police Department:

On 07-04-12 at about 4:10am an alarm went off at the Audubon Zoo Swamp Gift Shop. While conducting their morning rounds at about 7:30am, Audubon Security observed pry marks to one of the gift shop doors, and a broken window pane near the bottom door latch. A check of the location revealed 10 baby alligators to be missing from the tank within the gift shop. On 07-05-12 Sixth District Officers responded to a call of 8 baby alligators abandoned in a plastic storage bin at the corner of Surrapru and Russeau St. Upon arrival zoo personnel were able to identify the alligators as the same animals taken from the gift shop. A witness was able to provide a description of the vehicle which had dropped the alligators off at the intersection, and then fled the scene. On the same evening, JPSO Deputies stopped a stolen vehicle, which was positively identified via photograph by the witness as the same which had dropped off the alligators. JPSO Deputies made and apprehension, and while conducting a check of the vehicle, located 1 baby alligator inside the vehicle. The witness was able to identify Thornton, Rodney (B/M 07-15-82) and one Powell, Kawayne (B/M 01-31-92) as having been the subjects who placed the alligators in her front yard, prior to her moving them out to the street and notifying the police. A warrant was issued on 07-09-12 for the arrest of both Thornton and Powell charging them with La. R.S. 14:69 Relative to Possession of Stolen Property.

Thank goodness for stupid criminals. Can't you just picture them, sitting out on the front stoop, having a beer, and chillin' when one of them says, "Hey, I've got an idea . . . ."


  1. We have Greyhound passengers pretend to be vampires and bite peoples' necks on the bus. You have dumb gator thieves. Seems there's plenty of stupid to go around.

  2. By my count, we're still short one alligator. I say that we need to toss these jokers into the gator pond slathered in tabasco.

  3. Maybe they have been watching "Swamp People" and wanted to start catching alligators.

  4. What Inno said... there ain't NO lack o' stoopid in these United States. I AM glad NM doesn't have alligators, though.