Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm Too Relieved to be Too Terribly Angry

Way back on April 15th, Pepper and I did the Concealed Carry Course and I mailed off our packets the next day.  The packets were returned some three weeks later because I had enclosed personal checks for the fees instead of cashier's checks.  I corrected the oversight and mailed them back in the next day.


My 34th anniversary gift was a sweet little .22 that fits my hand perfectly, together with a neat little holster that nestles divinely in the small of my back.

Our anniversary was June 9th.

Still waiting.

Having been mailed from Baton Rouge on July 3rd, Pepper's permit arrived in our mailbox last Saturday, the 7th.  He and Bouie have been having safer walks since.  But what about Moogie's?

Do you see where this is going?

I rifled through Saturday's mail in the trash and combed through magazines and advertising circulars searching for the envelope.  I was just about to fear I'd failed the background check, but I strongly suspected that an envelope bearing the return address, "Concealed Handgun Permit Unit," had been mis-delivered by our cracker-jack postal carrier to some thug's house who was going to alter the photo and use it for no good.  I've re-delivered mis-delivered mail so often around here that I should be on the USPS payroll.  Then, this afternoon I got a Facebook message from my good neighbor to tell me that he had just put an important-looking envelope in my mailbox that had been delivered to his house by mistake.  And my good neighbor is not a thug!!

So, now I'm legal!!!

Thanks, R.C.!

(The picture of me is absolutely horrid, so I covered it up to spare your eyes.  I hope I don't ever have to show it to anyone!)


  1. RC is happy your permit is in YOUR hands. Scary thought! Nope, your neighbor is no thug. Lol. We have so much misdirected mail in my box daily. I believe it is because our mail carrier is on her cell phone when delivering our mail daily. Hmmmm? I wonder if there is a policy about cell phone usage???? xo

  2. Congrats! Now when Murphy and I go down to NOLA the next time, you can protect us.

    Oh wait--I'll have a gun too.

    So we can go shooting!

  3. I seriously doubt there's a cell phone policy, Ron, because they talk all DAY!!! I can't tell you how many times I've put mail in your mailbox that wound up here. And over on Prytania. I doubt it would do any good to complain, though. Thanks again!!

    Yay, Murph!! Sounds good! We have a very nice indoor range to introduce you to.

  4. Anniversary huh? Paper is one, iron is six. Which did y'all have?

  5. Something like that I would think they would send at the very least certified. Then again, we are talking about the government...

  6. My family took the C&C class back in Feb. We were a bit slow to get our application to the sheriff. According to the OSBI it could take up to 90 days to process the app. After 115 days you can email them. Toby emailed them last week. We are suppose to get our license sometime next week. I guess they were using the three-legged donkey mail carrier.

  7. "My 34th anniversary gift was a sweet little .22 that fits my hand perfectly, together with a neat little holster that nestles divinely in the small of my back."

    i just fell in love with you a little more :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. It's GOOD to have good neighbors.

    Did I wish all y'all a happy anniversary? It seems like I remember your day and what would have been "our" day were very, very close to one another. But if I didn't... Happy Anniversary!

  9. Paul -- the "new modern" gift for 34th anniversaries is apparently Firearms. Or Ammunition. Or both!

    Both of your points cvrossed my mind, Dave. *sigh*

    I hear ya, Lou. We were told to expect a minimum of 6 weeks, but to my way of thinking,nearly 3 months is a bit over the top. Hope yours come soon!

    Thanks, Maria! ;-)

    Indeed it is, Buck -- and thanks for the good wishes!

    And thanks to you, too, PH!

    Also, thanks to Rustmeister who offered his congratulations by way of a little linkage.