Monday, July 23, 2012

A Much Needed Smile

Crazy times!  Fortieth high school reunion over the weekend, looooong car trip yesterday due to several mishaps involving a satellite radio glitch, truck keys unremembered in Little Rock until we were an hour out of Little Rock (said truck having been left in Jackson, Mississippi, and needing to be picked up), an extra gas and potty stop (see "truck keys unremembered," above), and another brief stop so that Pepper could make his periodic contribution to the traffic treasury fund of Lake Providence. 

The first POD arrived today (Man!  Those things, and delivery system, are some kind of cool!) and needs to be loaded.

If the grandbaby hasn't arrived by then, I turn around and head back to Little Rock on Wednesday for an extended stay after they induce Elder Daughter on Thursday.

It was one-hundred-freakin'-nine degrees in Little Rock last Friday!!!

Bouie's a little freaked out and needy with all the commotion (and especially with all the extra stops on the trip home where he didn't even get to get out of the car, much less go swimming somewhere).

I won't even go to Aurora.

So, when I opened an email today that promised to give me a much-needed smile, and it really did, I thought I'd share it with you.

I hope you experienced a grin.  You're welcome.


  1. Dang. Matt sure gets around, don't he? And I thought **I** was well-traveled.

    I also smiled at the "...make his periodic contribution to the traffic treasury fund of Lake Providence." Very diplomatic of ya, Moogie.

    Good luck to your Elder Daughter.

  2. Sure would be nice if someone paid me to travel around and dance silly.

    May everything be peaceful and easy for your daughter.