Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party NOLA, 2010

Having had a rather rough week or two, I've shamefully neglected my blog stalking; so I've been catching up today.

Even though Thursday was pretty trying and emotionally draining for reasons that I won't go into, I did manage to make it to the Greater New Orleans Tea Party Thursday evening after making sure that our extension was filed.

(April 15th? Who can possibly get the ninety-seven pounds of documentation gathered up in one spot to get the ol' 1040 filed by April 15th? Try October 15th! If.)

I made it to the Tea Party unescorted. Pepper had, without thinking about our civic duty, made arrangements to skip out on work a little early to play golf on Thursday afternoon. And, since the thought crossed my mind that he might try to die on me again if I insisted he cancel his golf outing, I went to party with my fellow TeaBaggers unescorted. That turned out not to be a problem because the people you meet at these events are so friendly and outgoing, you're never alone unless you choose to be.

(I'm going to have to get over this mother-henning of, and automatically deferring to, my perfectly healthy, adult husband or he'll get completely out of control!)

Anyway, here are a few pics from the 2010 Metairie Tax Day Tea Party. Like my poster? And we actually got decent press this time -- radio, tv, and print!

Well, it was decent press if you ignore the deflated number of participants reported in the Times-Pic. Five hundred in attendance -- piffle. A Tea Partier acquaintance told me that his buddy in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office (who worked the traffic detail at the Veterans Memorial and kept track of the comings and goings) estimated that close to 1,500 folks, all told, showed up. I guess the Times-Pic gave us decent coverage so we wouldn't melt the phone lines to the editor like we did back in August.

And this is a clever video I stole over at Andy's Place. Don't you just know that Anderson Cooper regrets that he gets credit for coining that clever little attempted slur. Heh.

I think we've finally captured the attention of some of the powers that be, including, at long last, our silver-tongued Young President. Don't you sometimes just want to swat him on the behind and put him in time-out for being so self-righteously and arrogantly sarcastic? He's been "amused" by the Tea Partiers.

Amused. I mean, really.



  1. I'm glad ya had a good day out, Moogie. And speaking as one who was often deferred to and was somewhat coddled in a past life... you know the male mind pretty well. ;-)

  2. Moogie, great pix! Glad you made it to the party. I hear ya'!

    There were at least 4,000 at the Shreveport/Bossier City Tea Party (KSLA news reported "over 5,000).

    So, how did The Shreveport Times (Gannett owned)report it?

    Pepper is a big boy, and he will be fine. But, if he does die, his mates will call you after they finish their round of golf.

    btw: Thanks for the link. Yeah, let's throw their own feces in their face.

  3. Ooops! I forgot to drop a link to how the Shreveport Times reported it. You'll have to scroll up to see the headline.