Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moogie's Scary Day

This is my sweetheart of 30-some odd years, and my best friend.

Yesterday morning he got all cute and tried to die on me -- he thought having blood pressure and being able to communicate in comprehensible words had become somehow unnecessary.

I got sugar and fluid in him, and got him on his back, but I couldn't get his pressure up high enough, so I informed him that we were going to the ER.

They admitted him and ran a bunch of tests that showed what a wonderful, strong heart and clear carotids he has. By late afternoon, he was still weak, but otherwise pretty much back to his old self, and having a little nicotine withdrawal.

I was pretty much not his favorite person by evening, seeing as how it was all my fault that he was stuck in that hospital bed.

This morning I got a text asking if I'd bring his Kodiak to him before he killed someone.

I think he's feeling better.

I hope to have him home tonight. Bouie is not happy that his dad's not here. And our bed was not nearly full enough last night.

It was a scary, scary day. I don't want to do that again for a long, long time. If ever.


  1. I hope you don't, either. Glad everything smoothed out.

  2. Oh MY. I'm thinkin' "scary" ain't quite the word. I'm glad the crisis has passed and all is well, nicotine withdrawal aside.

    And don't you two look elegant!

  3. Yoish! Yeah, "scary" is an understatement. Glad things are OK.