Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Look Who's Home!

I'm out of the doghouse!

I got Pepper home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. You'll note he eased right back into life -- within reach are his Kindle, Blackberry, tv remote control, and he's talking on the landline.

Bouie is just outside of the picture, punishing his dad for being AWOL.

God is good.

Normal is nice.

And I'm breathing again. Whew.


  1. Normal is nice.

    Ab-so-LUTE-ly. One thing I've discovered about aging is that "excitement" doesn't mean quite what it used to... as in it's nearly always "not good." Give me the normal, day in, day out, mundane life, thank you very much. We've done as much excitement as we can stand. No mas!

    Welcome home, Pepper!

  2. Good deal, Moogie! Glad the young man remembered where all the important equipment was.

    I know you're both happy for his return. Make him go weed the flower beds. Just sayin'...

  3. Thanks, guys! It's good to know you're out there, even though we've never had any face-time!