Friday, April 9, 2010

Musings on the "Retiring" Type of Politician

I thought one needed to have a career before he could "retire." Holding an elected office was never intended to be anyone's life's work -- making one's living by ruling is a function of royalty, not of Congress.

Why couldn't Stupak have "retired" before he caved?

Have you noticed how many Congressfolk have decided that the kitchen is getting just a little too warm and are cutting and running? (Oh, excuse me -- it's not that there's too much pressure on them from conservatives -- it's that they "want to spend more time with their families.")

Of course their decision not to seek re-election means that we, their constituents, now have absolutely no weapon to use in an attempt to get them to listen to reason; there's a legitimate chance they may morph into dangerously loose cannons before they pack it in.

A little scary -- but it tells me there's hope that the fall mid-term elections may stand a better chance of returning some balance to the House. It's always easier to install someone new when there's not an incumbent in the mix.

It also tells me that there are some folks running seriously scared out there. Good. Say it once again, with gusto: Serving in Congress was never meant to be a career.

One of my Facebook friends posted this little bit of cleverness: STUPAK is K-A-P-U-Ts!


Run away, Congressfolk! Run away!

The faster, the better.


  1. b-b-b-buh-bye b-b-bart!

    Like Frank said on IMAO, "What good are 30 pieces of silver if you don't have the time to spend them?"

  2. A LOT of congresscritters with that D-thingie after their names are reading the tea leaves (heh) correctly. Better to bow out semi-gracefully than get thrown out on your a$$, no? Good riddance by whatever means.

  3. Moogie, you wrote, "there's a legitimate chance they may morph into dangerously loose cannons before they pack it in."


    As you know well, the next two or three months are going to be a circus with the "trick dogs" as ringleaders.

    I was just pondering a blog post about S.T.U.P.A.K. being the perfect acronym for a Democratic Political Action Kommittee when I read this...Nyuk!

    Ol' Bart will wither away into the background soon, and his yellowness will be forgotten by many. He will probably be an ambassador to Tahiti or something...and retire quite fine on our tax dollars in a couple of years.

    But, as the old Southern Baptist Preacher from Memphis, R.G. Lee, always said, "There is a 'payday,' 'someday' !"