Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recess Rally Tea Party On Health Care Reform -- Greater New Orleans Area

A few pics from yesterday's successful Tea Party in Metairie, Louisiana (in the 93+ degree heat!).

One pic shows Dr. Glenn Dubroc, one of our organizers and very knowledgeable speakers on health issues, taking a pic of "his first Angry Mob" from the podium. Heh. Another depicts the "loyal opposition" -- 3 folks across the street, one in a wheelchair, one in a stroller. The remainder are crowd and sign shots, one taken from the 3d level of the Macy's parking deck (where we had done a little shopping, so we were legitimately entitled to park there!).

One estimate puts the crowd at 1,200 (there were lots of folks bunched up in the all-too-precious shade beneath the trees). Our local newspaper, the Times-Picayune, actually printed a picture of the crowd for a change, but mistakenly captioned it to state that Senator David Vitter (R-LA) had organized the protest. *CHOKE* The organizers firmly told his office, when said office called to inquire about a publicity opp, that the Senator was welcome to attend, but that he, like any other elected official, would not be given the opportunity to speak. And the organizers remained true to their word! Let's see what the Times-Pic does in its itty-bitty, teensy font, page 53 retraction.
**UPDATE** We overwhelmed the Times-Pic phones! Check out yesterday's post!


  1. oh moogiep! i'm looking forward to the 9/12 and have you heard that people from both sides of the aisle are going to their voter registration places on 9/11 and re-registering as "independents"? i know of about ten, including us who are going in our tiny town and our son said he's registering as "independent" anyway!

  2. figures the newspaper would get the story wrong. but it doesn't take away how great your turn out was. awesome!

  3. Nice pics. An aside... every time I see pics of those Gadsden flags from a distance I think "What are folks from New Mexico doing there?" :D