Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Future Lives in a Virgin Forest

This past weekend I saw my future and it looks like this. And this!

We went to walk the Ouachita property on Saturday with Bouie (who had a ball running and jumping and splashing in the pretty-darn-full "dry" creek bed!). We were trying to orient the site for the house. It's a good thing we were able to see the property after a heavy rain, because now we know that there are TWO creeks after a rain, and we'll have to culvert the driveway. Cha-ching -- and the dollar signs start multiplying! Hopefully, we can get the surveyor out there soon and break ground before costs get too far ahead of us.

We discovered the little multi-legged guys later, already attached to various parts of our anatomies. And now I'm all creepy crawly!

I guess I've lived in the city too long. At least I didn't spy anything that slithered. **shiver**


  1. not sure it was necessary to bring up ticks. Ewwww. I'm going to be staying INSIDE and as Tim likes to put it "prodding" my dogs each time they come in from outside!!!

    Can't wait!!!

  2. I see a freakin' tick and I think the worst: Lyme Disease. The Goddess meant for retirees to populate The Great Indoors and I'm following her orders... to a tee. :D

    So... is this a full-time move to Arkansas, or just a summer home?

  3. Cool Noodles Moogie.

  4. Once and future full-time move to Arkansas. Tanking real estate prices and seriously dinged 401-K have delayed the full-time part of it, though. Having the military retirement pay kick in earlier this year certainly helps, though!

    My husband is thinking about getting me a stun gun -- he says it should work on snakes, but ticks? Not so much. I think I shall follow the Goddess's mandate as well.

  5. ...seriously dinged 401-K...

    Oh, Boy... do I EVER hear THAT! And I ain't at all happy about it, either.

    I'm not sure anything works on ticks... not even "Deep Woods Off!"... avoidance is good strategy! :D

  6. moogiep - you should go read this regarding one our tick incidents!

    buck - we just spray our ankles waists and work gloves once a day and rarely get ticks - the worst are those devil seed ticks.