Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rep. Fleming to Congress: Put Your Healthcare Where Your Mouth Is

Congressman John Fleming, who is also a physician, recently introduced House Resolution 615. On his website, he explains his Resolution as follows:
Over the past few weeks, members of Congress and the American people have
come to know the details of the Administration's proposed health care plan. Call
it whatever you like, I believe this proposal is nothing more than
government-run health care. As a physician, I am amazed at the number of
bureaucrats in this House who are quick to claim a government-run health care
plan is the reform this country needs. In response to this, I have offered a resolution that will offer members of Congress an opportunity
to put their money where their mouth is, and urge their colleagues who vote for
legislation creating a government-run health care plan to lead by example and
enroll themselves in the same public plan.

Under the current draft of the Democrat healthcare legislation, members of
Congress are curiously exempt from the government-run health care option,
keeping their existing health plans and services on Capitol Hill. If Members of
Congress believe so strongly that government-run health care is the best
solution for hard working American families, I think it only fitting that
Americans see them lead the way. Public servants should always be accountable
and responsible for what they are advocating, and I challenge the American
people to demand this from their representatives.

Together we will work to ensure that any plan that is good enough is for
American families is good enough for every member of Congress.

Now that's the kind of Capitol Hill action I can get behind! You can go here to his website to sign on as a citizen co-sponsor and download a prepared message to send to your own representative.

The House version of healthcare reform is a nightmare, and certain to be the death knell of many small businesses. Pelosi and her thugs strike again. Melt the phone lines!!!

Oh, and p.s., union healthcare plans are also grandfathered. I wonder what Congressman Fleming can do about that?

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