Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Tea Party!

Our Greater New Orleans Tea Party went to Baton Rouge to participate in their Independence Day event at the state capitol. It was 99 in the shade, but a good crowd of 1,000-ish showed up.

Among the speakers was Gisela Chavalier, a naturalized American citizen, native to Cuba. She told her story -- of growing up as Cuba moved from democracy to socialism to communism -- and warned about the signs she sees here of the same path. Very moving -- and downright scary.
One of our GNO leaders, orthodontist Dr. Glenn Dubroc, made a presentation on healthcare reform. He noted not only the shortcomings of the President's plan, but also offered a few solutions to rising healthcare costs, such as the Cato Institute's proposal for Health-Status Insurance, and even medical malpractice tort reform. Clearly, something must be done to bring down healthcare costs, but we must think long and hard before jumping into a single-payer system or rationing of service. Congress just simply has to understand that haste makes waste -- just look at the Stimulus! But I digress . . . .

As our gathering was only a few blocks away from Baton Rouge's official 4th of July celebration on the Mississippi River, we got a few lagniappe sideshows, such as an F-15 fighter jet fly-by, a Confederate Air Force fly-by, and a hot air balloon float-by! Pretty cool! There were LOTS of young families there, kids running all over the capitol lawn and rolling down grassy hills, and at least one dog -- ours -- who weighed in on the healthcare issue. You can see his position in
the pic above. At least one commenter has said that he can't agree with Bouie's position! Sorry about this, Bou, but I have to go along with the commenter.

With family so far away, it was a nice, patriotic way to pass an Independence Day in the company of like-minded folks; but, somehow, it wasn't as exhilirating as the Tax Day party. We've been beaten down by Cap & Trade and more politician scandals since then, and the Young President has been on the 2009 World Apology Tour.

It did serve to remind, however, that we can't give up. The price is way too dear -- and I'm not just talking about having to pay more in taxes or carbon fees or whatever. I'm talking about losing our Republic. So, we must take a deep breath, gird our loins, and leap into the fray that is Cap & Trade in the Senate and Healthcare Reform everywhere else. Into the breach, good lads and lassies! Into the breach!


  1. Yeah... I can't get behind Bou's initiative, either. But I'm surprised The One isn't on board.

    It looks like all y'all had a good time in Baton Rouge, Moogie.

  2. Late last week I was reading on the left blogs how the tea parties were going to fall flat, low attendance and the like. It's great to see all over the blogosphere and out on the streets (!) new people who are engaging with these events in some way or another, marking a firm movement in this Obama presidency. And of course, seeing the same patriotic Americans returning to give their support and shout out for freedom.