Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Federal Health Care Land: And We're Going to Pay For This, How Exactly?

In honor of the Young President's next teleprompter-a-thon this evening, I'd like to share this little chart prepared by Congressional Republican staffers. It analyzes the House proposal for reform and flows health care from the citizen to the provider, pointing out all new and existing bureaus and agencies that will meet our every important health need. Like the Office of Minority Health. Or the Advisory Committee on Health Workforce and Evaluation. Or the Comparative Effectiveness Research Commission (courtesy of the Stimulus). Or -- this one has such potential -- the Health Choices Administration. Do you wonder who's going to be doing the choosing?

And remember -- it all begins with mandatory insurance coverage! Buy it -- or provide it, if you're an employer, no matter your size -- or pay a rather substantial penalty!

Study the chart at your leisure, but be warned: it can give you a serious headache. And aspirin ain't gonna be cheap.

(You can see a full-size version here.)


  1. *sigh*

    we really have to bombard our state reps with emails against this nonsense.

  2. NO! they may not have my coffee can of pennies!

  3. My Rep (Kevin Brady, R-TX) sent me a link to this graphic last week in his newsletter. I thought about posting it then but the subject just pisses me off SO bad that I try not to think about it.

    OTOH... I've been on one form or another of gub'mint health care for most of my entire life; right now it's Tri-Care, which I'm quite pleased with.

    Speaking of Tri-Care... I was watching the CEO of the Mayo Clinic on Charlie Rose last evening (the Mayo Clinic is opposed to the current proposals) and he made a VERY good point: there are already four or five EXISTING gub'mint health plans... the military, the VA, Tri-Care (which is quite good, sez he, and I agree), congress' plan, Medicare... so WHY does congress need to re-invent the wheel? Why not adopt/adapt one of the existing plans? I suppose the answer is: just BECAUSE. Nothing else makes sense.