Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mysteries of Life: Livin' in Louisiana

This one just blows me away.

When you renew your driver's license in Louisiana, you don't trot down to the Parish O.M.V. (OFFICE of Motor Vehicles, not Division. What do expect from a state that calls counties "parishes!") to stand in line, watch as only the people who admit to faulty vision have their eyes tested, and pose for an inevitably awful photograph. Oh, no, indeedy!

You get a notice in the mail and you return it, along with a check for $23.00, to the State O.M.B.. And in a few weeks, the State mails you a brand new -- sticker!! You place the sticker in the space allotted for stickers on the back of your license and you're good to go for the next four years! Sweet!!

I'm not saying I dislike the system -- it's pretty easy on us taxpaying drivers. I am saying, however, that it's a good idea to take an alternate government-issued I.D. when flying. It's not an easy task to convince T.S.A. folks that your driver's license expiration date really isn't the one printed on the front with all the other information -- it's the one on the back. On the sticker.

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  1. Texas has a mail-in renewal program, too... but they send you a new license with your old picture on it. My license doesn't expire until 2012, but the picture on it (taken in '99) probably expired a year or so ago... :D