Monday, July 6, 2015

A Sign of the Times: Specialization

The garbage truck broke our big green monster trash can -- almost cut it in half. When I called the nice 311 lady last week, she said someone would bring us a new one in a week or two. It arrived this morning before the trash pickup. 

The delivery guy moved our trash from the old one to the new one and hauled off the old one. Clearly the can-deliverer cannot also be a trash-hauler. 

This scenario kind of reminds me of the time I had a flat tire on the Bonnet Carre Spillway bridge. USAA sent a tow truck to get me off the bridge because Roadside Assistance doesn't change tires on bridges. The driver hauled me to a "safe place" then took off because tow truck drivers don't change tires. So I had to wait for the tire changer. A long time.

Who knew the flat tire, and sanitation, industries were so specialized?


  1. My hubby was the district manager for Allied Waste in NM and southern CO. I can tell you some trash stories!

  2. I'll bet you can, Lou! My husband's grandfather and great uncle ran private waste companies near Chicago in the mid-1900s. LOTS of stories!

    1. Back in the 90's, many of the companies bought by Allied Waste were from the Chicago area. The CEO and several of the top-dogs were big Dutchmen from that area.