Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I've Got an Eerie, Creepy Feelin' (with apologies to The Eagles)

What a strange day.

The Chinese stock exchange crashed. There were "computer glitches" that shut down United Airlines, the New York Times, and the NY Stock Exchange!  But, of course, there was nothing suspicious about that; no terrorism or hacking. Just "internal technical issues." Riiiiiight.

Do you think it's a coincidence that the Terminator movie opened just a few days ago?  Could Skynet be cranking up?

Then, shortly after lunch, our landline phone rang and announced that "Pepper" was calling. Caller ID even identified the caller as "Pepper." He's playing golf with friends today so of course I answered it. But was it my Pepper on the other end of the line?  Uh, no. It was the pre-recorded voice of "Rachael, from card services." Spoofing.  What a creepy practice.  Not to mention infuriating.


I think I might need to go out and look for four-leafed clovers and rabbit's feet.  And dig a moat around Moogie's Manor.


  1. You may need the four leaf clover. Me, I'm staying away from anything to do with feet.

    Actually, thought all the computer problems today were strange, too. So I asked my hubby if they had any problems at Haliburton, but he said they did not.

  2. That's one good positive, Lou! We shall see.