Friday, August 8, 2014

When in Worry Mode, Think About Food

We think Mysti girl might be in the early stages of labor! I don't know who's more nervous -- Mysti or me! So, I'm going to beg off having to think and punt to . . .


  Shrimp and Garlic Cheese Grits! I have one of the best recipes around, if I do say so myself.

Lemon Blueberry Trifle, to be enjoyed this evening while watching the Saints trounce the Rams.

Caprese Salad with basil from the garden. Tomatoes are another story.

This is my total tomato harvest. One sad, lonely little cherry tomato. The marauding chipmunks got the rest before I could pick them to take them inside so they could finish ripening. I ate it with today's lunch.

A few more harvest pics. Who knew what a Quince is? I do now, having asked about it on Facebook. If I could find my canning pot, I'd make jelly. We also have crabapples!

I've had the most luck with (some of) the herbs and the jalapenos. Here are basil, lemon thyme, and chives. Several other herbs, plus the zucchini and bell peppers, drowned in all the rain we've had. Who knew that plants can drown in Arkansas? Louisiana, maybe, but in Arkansas?!?! I have one sad green bell pepper plant left in a container on the deck that set flowers this week. Maybe I'll get a few more peppers yet.

Anyway, it's been fun learning about the yard and having fresh herbs again.

Please keep my little puppy girl in your thoughts -- her life is about to be turned upside down!

As is ours.


  1. DANG! You certainly do food porn WELL. I'd love me a helping or two of that trifle.

    My best thoughts for Mysti. You, too, Moogie!

  2. Thanks, Buck.

    It was a really good batch of trifle!